Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Insect Causes Car Accident, I Wasn't the Driver

Well, an ambulance driver crashed today because an insect, likely a stink bug, flew in the window and distracted him.

Look, I get it. I'm so afraid of insects I once pulled over while driving to kill a spider on my dash that was about to lunge at me--I just know it.

Except I didn't crash, and I'm not an ambulance driver. As much as I'd love an ambulance driver to protect me from stink bugs while I'm in his care, I'm a little more concerned about getting to the hospital without crashing and sustaining more injuries.

Damn stink bugs.

Bonus personal bug anecdote: When I lived in Pittsburgh for a few months earlier in the year, I once came home to my cousin and fellow Nam native staking out in the kitchen to kill a centipede. Some time later, we also moved a couch in the living room and had a three-person operation specifically to kill a centipede. We (well, more like I) made the house smell like Raid.

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