Thursday, October 11, 2012

Geibel Named One of the Top 50 Catholic Schools in the Country

Well, I guess all my peers who used to complain about Geibel can't say too much now. Geibel was named one of the top 50 Catholic high schools in the country.

Now, you can argue that it didn't get this distinction when we were there, but the people there certainly helped. I graduated five years ago and while a few long-time Geibel legends have retired since then, it couldn't have done it without them. Well, except Mr. Mascia.

Despite the changes, Geibel's obviously doing well. Fr. Bob's presence helps, I'm sure, as well as the three principals it's had in almost as many years.

That alumni newsletter, by the way, features the fabled superintendent--a man my classmates and I used to joke probably didn't really exist. Mr. Mascia, my principal my full four years, often cited the superintendent as the reason for certain rules and would say, "The superintendent saw this and complained," or "The superintendent didn't like that," but no one ever saw him. Also, Mascia's nickname was Mascia Potatoes.

Congratulations, Geibel! Keep on being awesome. When's your next auction? I want to go spend money I don't have on more cool things I don't need.

PS: Mr. Mascia always talked about how as students, we represented Geibel. As an alumnus, I apologize for doing a terrible job of that to this day. Maybe I should try to get this blog in the alumni newsletter.

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