Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Observations and Happenings

  • The Nam is looking gorgeous right now. Instagram is full of fall foliage, but it's more impressive in person. Sections of 40 between Washington and Uniontown are breathtaking, as well as sections of 43. 43 gets bonus points because the grass is super green and there are big hills and everything just looks so pretty. I hear 51 is really nice right now, too.
  • That is, as long as the view isn't ruined by dead deer. It's that time of year, kids.
  • My brother and his girlfriend went to dinner "up the mountains" at the Bruderhof. I've asked him to do a guest post, but for now, every so often they have an open house where they host a big dinner for free (but I would guess donations are accepted). My brother also came back with a large pumpkin and books, also free.
  • My cousin was featured in the Herald Standard for modeling wigs.
  • I hear talk that a kid walked out in front of a car today at Geibel and hurt his arm. Look both ways twice, kids.
And finally, an anecdote from an outsider.

My friend's husband is originally from Ohio. Although they've been together and he's been living here for a few years, he's never been in Fayette County--until Saturday. Apparently, upon entering Connellsville, he said, "What the fuck is this place?" He then questioned the 25-mile-an-hour speed limit, which no one ever obeys anyway. And then he saw hunters decked out in camo talking about deer season at Sheetz, which sounds like it blew his mind.

Sometimes, I forget that the rest of the country isn't this way...and then the rest of the country reminds me.

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