Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Nam, Social Media, and Sandy

Those are pretty accurate representations of my Facebook and Tumblr the past few days.

Serious business first: I hope everyone stayed safe and dry and came out unscathed. The Nam did have fun things like flooding, closed roads, power outages, and even snow (including Republic right now). In my new home of Washington, we've had perpetual rain and some wind. I'm pretty sure the water from my gutter created a pool for me outside.

Super important business! The Farmington fire department at 119 Elliotsville Road has opened a shelter for Wharton Township residents who still don't have power. Spread the word. To keep up with these things, follow the Nam's EMA Twitter.

The arc is complete. http://t.co/l2eIXUvd
10/30/12 10:18 AM

A backyard near Redstone Creek, as captured by my former classmate Kaylie Harper.

And that's how you deal with a storm in the Nam!

And we got to get political.

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