Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Buy Local: Spotto's

Where do most people go when they need something? Wal-Mart. Where should most people go when they need something? A local store. They need all the help they can get. And in some cases, they succeed where Wal-Mart fails.

Take Spotto's in Connellsville, for example, and some kids setting out on a rafting trip who needed an air pump for their raft. Previous trips to Wal-Mart showed limited selection. Spotto's, however, had several kinds of pumps at good prices, and we settled on a pretty big multi-purpose one for only $12.

We're also in the market for a new raft to add to our fleet. Our original massive Excursion raft was a Spotto's purchase, and a quick look at Wal-Mart's rafts gave us only two small options. But Spotto's? Vast selection. Small, medium, massive--they have it. On sale now, too. You can get a nice, medium-sized raft that would probably fit about four people for $60, which is pretty good.

Spotto's also has its quirks. Located on Crawford Ave., there's a store fore hardware and a separate store for sporting goods. Oh yeah, and guitars. I have no expertise on that, though, since my Nam-purchased guitars came from Atkins and a pawn shop. But I digress. Spotto's also features hand-written signs and price tags. How cute.

So consider this a rafting pro-tip: get everything at Spotto's.

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