Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where's the Beef?

So. Fayette Patch Hunky. They've got some issues, mainly with politics, and general cynicism.

Before I start, full disclosure: I occasionally write for and am related to someone in Albert Gallatin's administration. Neither of these facts is particularly hard to figure out, but it's relevant.

Let's start with the Patch Hunky's issues with the paper. They frequently attack the editorial staff and blame them for pretty much everything (easy and noteworthy example: their post on AG's tax increase).

I've heard complaints from people in the area about the paper and politics before. Case in point: a man complaining to me about how liberal it is while I was on assignment and comments all over the site. However, just because there's a slip-up in numbers doesn't mean that the editors have an agenda they're peddling. In fact, the mistake may have been the fault of, oh, I don't know, the writer responsible for gathering and reporting the information. We're not perfect.

As for AG's tax increase, the Patch Hunky seems to be claiming it was allowed because school board members have relatives working in the district they're trying to keep from getting furloughed. Not so, as furloughs still went out. But even better, a tax increase has been recommended for years and didn't seem like it was going to get passed this time, yet it somehow did. And it sucks for everyone living in the district, but administration had no other choice. Money's been tight for years.

The Patch Hunky also brought up the issue of AG teacher pay freezes. I'm told they were asked to take one and refused. Some administrators and principals, however, did willingly take one.

Bottom line? The Patch Hunky seems to be nitpicking about issues they're really somewhat unfamiliar with. Calling into question media sources is totally fine and really sort of commendable, but only when done realistically. Not every information gap is there because of paper politics, and not every school board decision revolves around nepotism.


  1. I applaud your taking this ship into dicey waters. I am interested in seeing the response.

  2. For a little while, they seemed to not be publishing my comments but they have since. Other than that, though, they haven't replied to them, haven't commented or emailed me over here, and haven't really addressed my points at all. Instead, their allegations seem to be getting worse to the point where I have to wonder if the writer (writers?) was wronged in some way by editor Mark O'Keefe, because so far he's the only one they're really going after. They're nitpicking to the point of ridiculousness, and I plan on doing another post on them tomorrow.