Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rafting Protips

  • It's fun to put a life jacket on, get out of the raft, and just lazily float on your back down the river. Just make sure to keep track of your raft. You'll get comments like, "I think you're confused about how this whole boating thing works."
  • Rangers or river police or whatever they are were out the other day. Remember, as more people keep dying on the river or fail to make smart decisions, the more likely they are to be out. Remember that being caught without enough life vests for all rafters is an $80 fine, and don't give alcohol to minors or drink underage. Or if you do, say you left your ID back where you launched and add sufficient years to your birthday.
  • Wear water shoes. Flip flops break or come off easily.
  • Feed the ducks.
  • Don't fall out, because you might fall out in shallow water that's swift enough to make the raft really hard to stop, making it really hard for you to catch up.
  • Try parking by the Dawson bike trail and docking there. Beware the mud. Also beware high winds whipping up dirt and grit right at you at high speeds.
  • If you find some inflatable Crest tubes, you're welcome.

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