Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dives: Sherwood's

Who needs places like Bud Murphy's when you can have a better and cheaper time at a dive? I don't really frequent many here or anywhere, but I don't need to when I have good, faithful Sherwood's.

I've grown up with Sherwood's. My cousins live across the street, so I heard the noise when I was over all the time. Now, I'm old enough to enjoy it properly, and enjoy it properly I do.

First, there are the characters. Everyone there is a local, and probably a regular, and they do things like ask if you're a narc when you go too long without singing karaoke then warn you to be careful going home because cops are out. They make the experience well worth it.

However, if that's not enough, let the decor lure you. NASCAR wallpaper with Steelers curtains. Enough said.

Best of all, the drinks are cheap. Margaritas: $4 (get the owner Cis to make them. I'm told hers are the best, and her secret is she uses three different kinds of tequila). Whiskey sour: $3 (really strong, too). Vodka and cranberry juice: $2.50. Shots: $3 (try the Swedish Fish). Pitchers: $15. Ten-ounce can of Bud Light: $1. That's right, Sherwood's has what I like to call a Dollar Menu. Beers in a cooler under the bar.

I guarantee a good time. Just drink responsibly and remember there's often a DUI checkpoint down the road at Divito Park. I mean The Ice Mine.

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