Friday, July 22, 2011

Captain's Log: We Found a Boat

My good friend Marion and I went for a nice raft yesterday. Many of our loved ones were concerned and thought we'd die due to the heat, but really, it didn't feel any different than other hot days on the river and I only got a sunburn on my back, which apparently SPF 50 just cannot protect.

Anyway, we were floating along when we spied something strange in the water. As we got close, we saw what it was.

A damn boat.

I was honestly preparing myself to find a dead body in it when we realized what it was but no, it was just idly sitting there. We even yelled to make sure there wasn't someone stranded on a bank somewhere, but soon after a man floating behind us fishing with is daughter caught up and told us that it's been stuck in various parts of the river for weeks. It was once tied up, then ended up trapped in rapids, then made its way farther down. Marion pointed out that we ourselves had seen it before, but it was docked then.

Aside from being submerged and useless, it appeared to be a pretty nice boat. What a fine piece of river treasure that would've made had it been operable.

More pictures from our rafting trip yesterday to come. Mainly of the man dubbed the River King and a Jolly Green Giant mannequin in a post office window in Dickerson Run. What the hell?

And by the way, Marion's sister, Andrea, is also a blogger.

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