Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Olive Garden Is Open, But Good Luck Getting a Table

First off, I was hoping to do a sort of 2012 best-of where I listed the blog's most popular posts of 2012, but (as far as I know) I can't track that for the year--it jumps from monthly statistics to all-time. Now, most of those are posts from 2011 ranging from high-profile news to ridiculous personal anecdotes, but on straggler from 2012 made the list. In fact, it's the most popular post to date, and it's about Connellsville's epic fail of a telephone pole. Congrats, Connellsville!

Meanwhile, our greatest dreams have come true--Olive Garden is open! It opened earlier this month, and apparently everyone is thrilled, because the lot's always packed and I have yet to hear from someone who had to wait less than about 45 minutes, including just for takeout.

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