Saturday, January 5, 2013

Olive Garden Liveblog

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6:11: BOOZE!

5:50: WE HAVE BEEN SEATED! That wait wasn't an hour...

5:43: most newcomers just turn around and leave. Overheard: "I don't want to go to Red Lobster."

5:40: Only one seat open at the bar. SOMEONE CLAIM IT

5:38: overheard: "15 minutes ago, he told her an hour and a half. How the hell does that happen?" I guess the wait times are fluctuating. Expecting imminent mass exodus to Eat N Park or Red Lobster

5:34: haven't been packed in this tight since Noah's Ark elevator at Kennywood over the summer. May starve to death soon.

5:32: waiting area clear enough to graduate to there from the front door. Wait upgraded to two hours.

5:28: have been here about 20 minutes. Sent boyfriend to get table while I hunted for parking space. Hour wait. People constantly walking in and out. Last man to enter called it "fucking ridiculous."

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  1. I would have attempted this. But alas, I hate the Olive Garden. Thank you for taking the lead!