Wednesday, January 16, 2013


  • Plenty of Facebook pages are dedicated to locating lost pets, and every so often the Nam creeps up. These two dogs were found in Allison today. They're currently at Fayette Friends of Animals. Friendly reminder that FFOA is the county's only no-kill shelter and that when you're looking for a pet, tons of animals in shelters need homes. Just don't, like, get a puppy and decide that puppies are sooooo hard to take care of and take it back to the shelter.
  • Remember that Geibel art teacher Mrs. Yankovich makes cute beaded jewelry and sells it on Etsy.
  • Speaking of artsy Geibel people and their business ventures, if you're into wood burning, check out C Renne Designs.
  • While I'm at it, might as well plug the magazine I write/edit for (obviously, I got hired because of my skill at ending sentences with prepositions). Our top 100 tracks of 2012 are up!
  • Fayette County Community Action Agency has all kinds of stuff going on in March.
  • The Nam's Lord and Savior Larry the Cable Guy will be performing at our very own State Theater Feb. 24! Guarantee Larry will be among his own people.

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