Sunday, January 13, 2013

Memes Strike Again

Every so often, someone decided to make some sort of Fayette County meme. They usually don't last--they pump out some funny (though often stereotypical) content, then disappear back into the abyss of the internet--including the seemingly short-lived Fayttenam Sucks. But we have a new one. It also covers West Virginia. And seems to have taken off thanks in part to Jeff Foxworthy('s picture). Be sure to read the comments on that one because they're full of gold to plentiful to adequately cover in this post.

It's the usual business--lots of references to drugs and teen parents, but it also spawned the gem above. It has a certain sad truth to it. As a 20-something Nam native, I know that the memories my parents have and the parents of my peers have of the county are far different from ours, as well as what we continue to experience. In fact, some of these memes predate us young whipper-snappers and reference things I didn't even know existed. And remember, we used to be quite prosperous.

But apparently--also as often happens, even on this blog--things didn't go so well. It's even been called bullying.

Their reaction to criticism.
The criticism of the criticism.
My personal favorite is a discussion in which someone got offended and said that not everyone in Fayette County is a pillhead...but then says West Virginia is full of them.

Stay classy.

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