Friday, January 4, 2013


  • A local kid donated 10 inches of hair over the summer to Locks of Love, an organization which makes wigs for kids with cancer. Awesome! I donated my hair to Locks of Love I believe two or three times by now. Ain't nobody puttin' me in no newspaper, though.
  • New Year's brought the annual Polar Bear plunge into the Mighty Yough. Participants were asked to take food to be donated to St. Vincent de Paul and included lots of people I know. Even Fr. Bob did it. Now, turn this into a mid-July event or, like, a plunge in a hot tub and I'm all in.
  • A former Herald-Standard editor has moved on to be president of a new foundation in Florida for journalism training and international media studies. Pretty cool. And they said journalism was dying!
  • The county's Emergency Management Agency Facebook page is always a good resource for updates on traffic, weather, road conditions, etc. Just don't call 911 to report road conditions. Oh, and don't message them with questions or anything, either, because they don't actually monitor those things. So, great job on your social-media presence and recognizing its usefulness, guys!

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