Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fine Dining: New Century Chinese Buffet

Everyone loves Chinese food. Everyone loves buffets. What happens when you combine the two? One of life's most satisfying dining experiences.

The buffet costs about $10, but it's all-you-can-eat with plenty of variety. Plenty of meat and seafood--including sushi--but also great vegetarian options. My favorite is the vegetable lo mein and vegetable rolls, plus other staples like fried or steamed rice, soup, etc.

If I'm wrong and not everyone loves Chinese food, they do have "American" food, which I pretty much skip so other than pizza, I don't know what that has. They also have salad, fruit, and a whole dessert line full of cakes and pastries.

Want to eat on your couch in your pajamas? No problem! They also do take-out, but not delivery so you'll have to send someone suitable for public to pick the food up. But it's cheap and food comes with fortune cookies and whatever sauces you want. The portions are pretty big, too--their smallest order of lo mein makes 2-3 meals for me. My family of four has eaten off of around $20 on their take-out.

So yeah, New Century Chinese Buffet. Awesome.

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