Monday, June 13, 2011

In Search of (Comparatively) Cheap Gas

I know, the subject of gas prices has been pretty much exhausted. But the Nam is full of gas stations, and while I have no way of knowing all their prices--let alone locations since I get lost easily and know there are plenty of places I have yet to discover--I do drive around many parts of the county. While I was doing just that today, I was also on the prowl for a good place to stop for gas, and until further notice I have found a winner for the Uniontown area: Sunoco.

Your best bet is the Sunoco along West Main Street, near the new beer distributor aptly named Uniontown Beer, with $3.66 a gallon. And in a close second is the Sunoco on Connellsville St. right before you turn to go downtown on to East Main St. at $3.67 a gallon.

Know something I don't? Does anyone have cheaper gas in Uniontown? What about other areas of the county? Leave a comment.

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