Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Place Matters

Okay, this is pretty cool.

Uniontown's former Pechins Express is in the running for the This Place Matters Community Challenge. The page explains better than I could and even includes some neat information about the place:

"The Old Masons Building (formerly the Downtown Peachins Express) is a representation of early Uniontown and its history. It was one of the largest early buildings created during the most rapid growth period of our city. Its beautiful stonework is a testament to the wealth of our young city and it early uses, as a bank and coal offices, act as a living representation of the industries that once built our area. But, this site is not just a symbol of the past. To our organizations, it has become a symbol for hope in the revitalization of our downtown. We wish to adaptively reuse this site to open an arts component for our community. The revitalization of the site will be an inspiration to our community through the encouragement of creativity and expression, while also using the site to encourage preservation of our area's history and historical resources . We will call the center The Phoenix. The building will rise from the ashes and inspire our community to do the same; just as it was erected out of the ashes of the location's earlier inn. This place matters to us; it matters to the preservation of our past; and it matters to the future of our community."

GO VOTE! You have to be registered on the site, but it's free and takes seconds and really, what's a few seconds of your day to potentially help improve Uniontown? We need help, and the arts aren't really huge here. Help turn that around.

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