Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Optometrist Shot on Vacation

South Connellsville's Dr. Ellis was accidentally shot in a Wild West show in South Dakota.

The re-enactors were supposed to be using blanks. Still no word yet on exactly what went wrong.

It'll be a few weeks before he can go back to his practice, but whether or not it'll actually be closed during that time is unclear.

Ellis and his family will continue with their vacation, which is probably what I'd do. Don't let a gunshot wound get you down! Party on.

Geibel kids will know him as that eye doctor next to the school that used to, and probably still does, get cranky about kids allegedly driving on his lawn leaving school. Or maybe the message just came off cranky because it was being delivered by everyone's favorite principal, Mr. Mascia. Or maybe Geibel kids weren't at fault at all and just got the blame like we did with everything else.

P.S. Yesterday was my birthday! I've hit the ripe old age of 22.

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