Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Food (and Alcohol!) on the Cheap

I know, pretty much everyone in the county at least knows where Bud Murphy's is. They seriously have the best pizza in the county, and at a great price. So this is more for the people outside of the county to see what we have going for us and for the few people say, on the Uniontown side to venture a little farther out.

You can't get much cheaper than Bud's. Seriously. Fried zucchini for $4. Fried mushrooms for $2.40. An eight-cut cheese pizza for $7.50. And none of that $4+ for a cranberry juice and vodka. At Bud Murphy's, it's like $2.50. If you're up for more specialty-type drinks that come in massive glass goblets and may or may not have gotten me drunk before I was finished, those come in all sorts of flavors at $6.95.

The fun part about Bud's is if you're there when they're busy, you'll probably run into someone you know. Oh, small town America.

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