Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fair Shenanigans Announced!

Last night, I said to my brother, "Let's go see The Clarks again at the fair this year, because you know they'll be playing." Turns out that was a 100% accurate prediction.

Joining them in the festivities will be Chris Higbee (who is opening for them again), Lee Brice and Confederate Railroad, demolition derbies, Pigs Gone Wild and a carnival. Plus the usual livestock and petting zoo! I fear those animals are probably mistreated outside of operating hours. Just a fear--nothing substantial to back it up. But if I'm right, I'll probably want to liberate them.


They'll also have Fayette Idol and oldies band The Fabulous Hubcaps, who my mom and Grandma always enjoyed. They are really good and do great impersonations. I unfortunately missed their take on Buddy Holly last summer.

The fair runs from July 28 to August 6. I'll be there at least once. Probably twice. Come party with me. I'm hoping for more excitement like dirty diaper smearing.

(Eventually I'll get an iPhone and liveblog from things like this. With pictures.)

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