Sunday, June 12, 2011

Casino Plans Are Still On!

Some people don't want a casino in Nemacolin. Like the people who lost the bid and want one in Gettysburg, but their appeal was totally shot down and unless another appeal comes in by June 20, Lady Luck will be on her way.

I still stand by my previous statements regarding Gettysburg being a terrible place for a casino. While we have forts here in the Nam near Nemacolin, the Lady Luck location isn't anything epic, while nearly all of Gettysburg was a battlefield itself. So yeah, let's stick a casino there.

Nemacolin really is perfect for this. I'm pumped to only have to drive like 20 minutes to go gamble.


  1. Well, you can go to an online casino if you don't wanna drive to gamble.

  2. It's not the same. I like the clinging themed slot machines.