Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Crime Stoppers!

I'm 100% down with this, especially if you can volunteer your dog to be a crime stopper. My beagle's love of sleeping, eating, and going for walks will prove invaluable to this task force.

Seriously, that dog is majestic. It looks like he's the badass, enforcer mascot of our county, and I accept this. I want that dog to be all three commissioners. It would probably solve a lot of our problems. I mean, it looks like that dog arrested that unfortunate miscreant in the cuffs himself. No crimes will happen on that dog's watch!

I hope something like this actually does go over well, but to be honest, I don't have high hopes. This county's pretty good at complaining about what sucks without doing much about what sucks, which does occasionally include letting a lot of behavior that's questionable at best and criminal at worst slide.

(For some old but interesting political reads, check out The Fayette Patch Hunky, who is way more up on real politics than I am despite their posts that are so cranky I seriously still think they were personally wronged by someone somewhere, but they've been making good points.)

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