Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Nam on Twitter: Reminiscing About Bad Guidance Counselors

If you didn't go to Geibel, you're probably not gonna fully appreciate this, but it may give you some insight into how things work around here. Overall, I tend to think my Catholic education was a very good thing and did more for me than public school would have, but we all know some of the infamous Catholic school stories. We could all write books about everything from someone shitting on Dairy Queen's floor and the principal announcing that "someone deposited feces" on it to the demon spawn that was the class of 2008 to things like evil Italian nuns, cool African nuns that sharpened pencils with razor blades, a parking lot for a playground, and the negative associations your brain makes with certain hymns.

One of Geibel's more infamous characters was Mr. Lowney, known for teaching SAT prep, saying, "You can't do that" about lots of things but mostly career choices, and generally being unhelpful. I probably switched career paths more time the semester I took his class than I did in my first undeclared semester of college.

It all started when a fellow '07 classmate saw him in public. Seeing teachers or former teachers in public is not a rare thing.

And on that note, come out to Geibel tonight at 5 for their annual auction! I'll be there. You can eat, drink (alcohol!), and spend your money on everything from restaurant gift certificates to Pens autographs. 

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