Monday, April 29, 2013

Fine Dining: My Take on Fiesta Azteca

My brother already talked about Fiesta Azteca for me, but let's be honest, we need my opinion, right?

I finally tried it out with my boyfriend Saturday, and while we both agreed it was a great decision, he's declared the place his new favorite. If you understood how monumental a statement that is coming from him, you'd stop reading this and go to Fiesta Azteca now.

We were there for lunch. He got some lunch special. I'm not exactly sure what it was, but I know it involved a pepper and came with a little salad and taco. In the meantime, he downed two margaritas. Mango is obviously delicious, but who knew a banana margarita would be so good? They also make a good mojito, but so far, Olive Garden seems to do them the best in the Nam. Outside the Nam, the best one I ever had was in Mexico.

Unsurprisingly, the best Mexican food I ever had was also in Mexico, but Fiesta Azteca is a very close second. I had a shrimp enchilada burrito, which was an almost perfect portion for me and included rice. The cheese it was covered in was probably my favorite, but this is coming from the girl who semi-recently praised how good cheese is to her aforementioned boyfriend.

Fiesta Azteca is so good that people who have also tried Uniontown's El Patron, which is right down the road, say that Fiesta Azteca is definitely better. They have a huge menu with good prices--that lunch special was around $5, and they often have margarita specials. So check it out.

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  1. Although this place is DELICIOUS, I prefer it for lunch and El Patron for dinner. Idk why, but I feel like choosing between the two depends on what time of day it is.