Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Man Gets Cellphone Into Prison Using Prosthetic Leg

What is it with people scamming for phones for an extended period of time?
A Uniontown man who was accused of hiding a cellphone and charger in his prosthetic leg at the Fayette County Prison told a judge he had the phone for a year before it was discovered.
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The phone was finally found in his cell during a search.
“Apparently, they picked somebody who has no sense of touch,” Wagner said of the unknown guard who searched Greer that day.

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Now, I'm sure a prison guard's first thought when searching a prisoner isn't, "Damn, better check this guy's prosthetic leg in case he's hiding a phone & charger in there," but it is their job to prevent these things. Surely they're instructed to thoroughly search. But is this a case of "no sense of touch?" What's he expected to do, grope around for a phone that he won't find anyway because it's inside the leg? Officers insist, however, that such a thing wouldn't be overlooked, so they think someone brought it to him.
Greer said he took the phone into the prison because inmates are charged about $4 per call made from the prison. He said he managed to keep the phone hidden from corrections officers for a year.
When he was later transferred to a state prison, Greer said, he was unable to take a phone with him.
“They search a lot better?” Wagner asked.
“Yeah, a lot better,” Greer replied.

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Please, hide your surprise.

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