Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brownsville's Garbage Problem

Unfortunately, not that Garbage.

I know what you're thinking--is Brownsville's problem with garbage just Brownsville itself? I kid. In all seriousness, people have noticed that Brownsville has a bit of a problem with litter everywhere. 

But Brownsville, like most of the county and especially the most recent focus, Connellsville, has bigger problems than just trash in the streets. It's a mess. I once got a little lost in the middle of Brownsville, and let me tell you, that place looks like the most run-down and abandoned of ghost towns.

As usual, the fixes--both in trash and in larger-scale problems--aren't simple. But we can start by taking personal responsibility and at least cleaning up after ourselves and not dumping tires everywhere, which is apparently a rampant problem. Let's try it, dudes.

You can also report people dumping tires to the police, but you'll need a vehicle license-plate number, and there will be a community cleanup on April 27.

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