Thursday, March 7, 2013

Woman Poses as Rodeo Star to Get Free Things

You know how they say to write what you know (and that's how I'm stuck in this literal and cyber hell hole)? Maybe you should scam what you know, too. Fayette County may not be a rodeo capital, but they happen. Also, if you're in the market for dudes or cellphones, they're like a magnet.

A local woman posed as a rodeo star to meet men and scam Sprint out of 700 cellphones.

She stole a woman's identity, by the way--the identity of a legit rodeo star--rather than just pretending she was one herself. Because few targets are better than rodeo stars.

Between July 2008 and February 2010, Rowan placed bulk orders for cellphones and had hundreds shipped to various addresses. She picked up most of the shipments herself and handed out phones to relatives claiming that they were free to use on a trial basis. 
Rowan returned 170 phones to Sprint. 
“She burned the rest in a field next to her parents' house,” Kitchen said.
Rowan used the same email account to conduct online relationships with three men who flew into Western Pennsylvania thinking they were going to meet Cervi, he said.

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I'm torn on this. Lies to lure in a significant other I get, but if you're gonna be scamming people, couldn't you think of something more valuable than cellphones? That's what you think to scam? But then again, she did get 700 before anyone realized something was awry, so joke's on me. I mean, I can't even get this blog to get me money (I'd also accept free food). And I'm sure burning them is really gonna make a judge sympathetic.

As for those men? Look, I know the way the internet works is changing and revealing your name won't automatically get you kidnapped and people find very wonderful relationships through online dating, but consider this a cautionary tale. Especially if you come to the Nam for an in-person meeting, but kudos to whoever sticks around after they cross the county line.

She also got two handmade saddles. Livin' the dream.

The total in damages was about $440,000, which she disputes. She's also out on bond, so watch out, fellas, saddle makers, and cellphone companies!

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