Monday, March 11, 2013

Rare Gems and Nice Places: Hopwood Social Hall

I've noticed that some of the prettiest places in the county are hidden. Granted, I'm not in Hopwood often, but the social hall is kind of inconspicuous-looking and tucked right off the main road--as I call it, "the road that goes up the mountain that's not the much more exciting Jumonville Road."

It's a nice little place, though. When I attended a wedding there a few weeks ago (guard-free), it was beautifully decorated and made for a nice setting, both aesthetically and practically. It was pretty with sufficient space for guests and their dancing.

It was also home to Mardi Gras.

And if you're planning a wedding and want to use Hopwood Social Hall, Myers Catering will take care of everything for you. They have very delicious food--my family even uses it for functions that are relatively small but not necessarily conducive to cooking that much food--and they're also running a discount of $6 off per person for weddings between March and May of this year.

(Note: Myers isn't paying me for this post, much to my dismay.)

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