Friday, March 15, 2013


  • I keep forgetting to mention this, but one of my relatives told a good story recently about being the last one on the bus in school and sharing a cigarette with the driver every day.
  • Tee Minus 24 is gonna have some nice, new products in soon. They'll also be at Lexington Comic & Toy Con this weekend. I hope they'll also be at Steel City Con next month because finally the convention coincides with my payday and between bill/rent cycles, so I'm gonna hit it hard and finally buy myself all those Lost shirts. Every single one. I also recently bought another of their Zombieland shirts for my mom.
  • Cross Worlds Nexus' Shane Ronzio should also be there, as usual.
  • Fallingwater will reach their 5,000,000th guest this weekend, and they have a special present for that guest. If I were able to go, I'd be praying for the deed to Fallingwater, but I'll settle for those Andy Warhol puppets in the gift shop.
  • 30 East Main is having tons of St. Patty's fun--Irish breakfast Sunday morning from 11-3 and then a dinner buffet from 4-9. DJ starting at 4. Drink specials on Guinness, plus $5 Irish car bombs.
  • Scrapbooking at the Connellsville library is canceled this Saturday and will be held next Saturday.
  • We have a new real-estate company!
  • Neubauer's is now selling Spartina purses.
  • I hope all you Geibel alumni had a happy Pi day yesterday, complete with fond memories of Mr. O. Now, go read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

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