Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rare Gems and Nice Places: Duck Hollow

Okay, so my Duck Hollow experience was limited to what I believe was the clubhouse. I'm actually not sure. But I know it was pretty!

Actually, everything at Duck Hollow over the weekend was pretty, despite it still looking all cold and dead from the winter. It's all tucked back in the depths of the county--you get there by following Duck Hollow Road (duh) off of New Salem Road, and anyone who's been on New Salem Road any farther than Target knows you quickly hit No Man's Land.

Anyway! Whatever building I was in had a nice sort of log-cabin feel. I was there for a Boy Scout banquet, and they had everything set up and looking fancy but not too fancy--you know, the kind of fancy that makes Fayettenamese uncomfortable and longing for a dive bar and a beer. It was pretty.

The food was great, too--pretty standard fare, but delicious and well-made.

Duck Hollow also features a full golf course and presumably ducks. I didn't see any, but their shit was everywhere (this is the same problem one has at Lafayette Cemetery).

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