Tuesday, March 19, 2013


  • Geibel keeps kicking ass. It was recently named among the top 50 Catholic schools and was just featured in the Trib, or as I like to call it, A Chronicle of Things I Wish Geibel Had/Did Before I Graduated. Mostly that nice media center, Fr. Bob, and a principal that's not Mr. Masica. Turning the heat on would've been nice, too. Meanwhile, the auction is approaching, and the cast of Les Miserables did a nice, not-disappointing job.
  • Writer/cool person Rob Hensley will be coming back to visit in April, so he'll be doing a reading in the Connellsville library on April 29 starting at 6:30 p.m., including a discussion on bullying and a book signing. I will most likely be there.
  • My dad was in the Post-Gazette. Now, Dad, before you get an ego boost when you read this or when one of your coworkers says, "Hey! You're on your daughter's blog!" I'm gonna tell everyone a story to keep you grounded and keep my credibility. And that is that once when I was little, I asked my dad for a bowl of Count Chocula, which he gave me with all of the marshmallows taken out of it, making that bowl of Count Chocula worthless.
  • Connellsville's Lynn's is in the running in the Coors Light Bar Bracket Challenge. I was at Lynn's briefly for St. Patrick's day and do have fun there. I got a little green hat to wear. Vote for them. Also in the running is Uniontown's J. Paul's, Potter's, and Blue Moon, plus beloved Bud Murphy's.

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