Thursday, March 28, 2013

Herald-Standard Reporter Accidentally Becomes Subject of Police Chase

This is actually a pretty entertaining and ultimately harmless story.

The super short version: a reporter was heading to interview Cyril Wecht, saw some cops behind him, didn't think they were pulling him over because he was obeying traffic laws, and they actually were because someone saw a tie that holds the reporter's bike in place, thought it was hair and he had a body in the trunk, and called the cops.

Fortunately, the reporter did not have a body in the trunk, the cops just got a little relieved chuckle, and all is right with the world. And even though it turned out to be literally nothing, it is good that someone called the cops when they thought something was awry.

Now, if that were me, I'd have been crying. In fact, I bet if I would've cried when I got my speeding ticket last fall, I wouldn't have gotten fined, even though the cop let me off really easy considering how fast I was going and what the speed limit was. But it was 40. Everyone drives maniacally fast. And I think he knew that.

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