Thursday, June 7, 2012

The End of an Era Pt 2: The Reckoning

Geibel isn't just losing Larry Orlando this year. Gym teacher Kathy Hillen is retiring, too.

Ladies, how could we forget sock checks and Dodgeball Fridays? As much as I lack any athletic skill whatsoever and have always hated gym classes, even I found something to like. In fact, I loved Dodgeball Fridays, which makes no sense since I am the definition of nerdy kids who suck at dodgeball. Except I'm small, I can dodge and weave, and have been the last girl standing more than once.


I also loved crab soccer, but that had a lot to do with my team playing great defense. Oh, and this.

We may or may not have chanted "Crab people" while pacing on our little scooters and making pincers with our hands. We may or may not still find this hilarious.

One of my favorite Kathy Hillen memories is when a friend of mine dressed as her for the Halloween dance once year. To this day, it is one of the greatest costumes I have ever seen. The best part is the costume included her famous McDonald's cup of diet Coke and when security stopped my friend for bringing in a drink, she explained it was part of her costume and that she was Mrs. Hillen. The dude laughed and let her in.

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