Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh Boy

Okay, so, Zimmerlink is saying she didn't see or discuss housing authority documents that had been left on a restaurant table. First of all, maybe I'm being naive, but I believe her. She's cranky, but I don't think she's lying. I have nothing to base that on, but whatever.

I'm more interested in the fact that someone left a folder containing budgets and personal information ON A RESTAURANT TABLE. Get it together! I mean, there's an investigation brewing now and everything, but really!? When an attorney asked everyone who had copies of this stuff to return them, everyone did except for guess who? The chick who left them on a table. Look, we all make mistakes. Everyone forgets things. But really?

Kind of makes you question the quality of the board members around here. Again. Because everyone complains about pretty much every type of board that exists in this county as it is.

I'm also kind of wondering why this is more about Zimmerlink that the person who left the documents to begin with. Come on now.

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