Monday, June 11, 2012

Operation Build Me a Fallingwater

Look, Fallingwater is awesome. This is a 100% scientific fact. It's so awesome that I'd love to live there, or at least have someone build me something similar like Brad Pitt is allegedly doing.

The blueprint is up for auction. Bidding opened at $1,000. It'll probably get pretty high--they suspect up to $25,000-- but someone get on this! I'll throw you a party and let you stay in that neat little guest house thing! You have until June 20, the day before amy birthday! And after we build it, we can just resell the blueprints. There are absolutely no flaws in this plan.

I mean, how cool would it be to be sitting around on a hot day and say, "Man, I think I'll go play in the waterfall IN MY HOUSE."

The blueprints also come with a cranky letter all about how the contractor made changes to Frank Lloyd Wright's plan. You tell 'em, Frank! Stay true to your vision!

If this plan fails, I'll be forced to wander Fallingwater in an awed daze. Again.

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