Friday, June 22, 2012

Get Ready for the Fair!

We're only a month away from the county fair. Are you totally excited? You should be. All that food, demolition derby, and people-watching!

And finally, The Clarks' performance has been confirmed. We can all rest easy. It'll be on July 27. I haven't checked, but I'm going to bet this is opening night. I can guarantee that it will be crowded, they will play "Cigarette" and I will know most of the people in the front row. If I hear that damn "Life Is All About the Ride," though, we're gonna have a problem.

(Side note--that song receives a lot of hate. I happen to think it's a bad song. Then there's the sellout argument, which I don't really care about. I do care about people starting to hate the band altogether because of that song and the commercials, which isn't right. They have some excellent songs, and some product endorsement doesn't change that. Besides, it's not the worst musical advertising crime. And at least it wasn't a stupid jewelry commercial.)

At this point, The Clarks at the fair is pretty much a given. Just like chocolate-covered bacon and rides that are probably in danger of collapsing. Fact: my mom never let me ride anything ever at the fair or any sort of temporary carnival. She once saw boxes of parts laying around at one in Uniontown. It alarmed her, since those parts presumably belong on the rides.

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