Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Children of the Nam, remember this Father's Day how awesome your dads are. Like this awesome dad who is just trying to protect his children from fast drivers.

First of all, anytime someone from Fayette County calls any sort of media company, it's almost guaranteed to be pure crazy. And any time those crazy stories are actually picked up and paid attention, it's almost guaranteed to be for mocking or ratings purposes. But don't be fooled--I can also guarantee that if you ignore Fayette County's crazies, they won't go away.

People being concerned over speed is nothing new here. New Salem Road is full of signs in yards telling people to slow down (or watch out for motorcycles). They say things like, "Our neighborhood is not a freeway!" But a nice, professionally made, subtle sign is not enough for this dad. The again, his own massive spray paint and plywood sign--what some would call "gypsy"--isn't enough, either, and neither is his YouTube video. He yells at people, too.

My parents' neighbor yells at people driving fast through their neighborhood, too. The concern is understandable. No one wants a kid to get hit. I'm reading Pet Sematary right now. I get it. But then, why are your kids playing in the road in the first place? Where my parents live, it's a secluded neighborhood where the only people there are residents or visitors, so kids playing in the street is more common than elsewhere and mostly safe. Still, the girl I used to babysit was never allowed to play in the road, and there are plenty of other kids who don't, and they all know what dangers the road brings. Angry Dad says this argument misses the point, but he's the one saying a child will die eventually. It's not really missing the point if he brought it up in the first place.

Sure, drivers really need to be safe and attentive, but signs like this probably aren't going to change much. Neither is some crazy guy with a massive beard yelling in the street. Plus I have hard time believing his claim that drivers go as fast as 100 on that road. How does he know that, anyway? Does he sit with a radar gun in his yard? Probably not, but if he had one he probably would. And if he had one, he would've mentioned it and it would've been in this news report.

All that said, drivers shouldn't be quite as cranky as they are over this. They raise good points, but at the end of the day, they are just signs. They're actually doing less damage than the speeding could.

But at least he cares.

Tomorrow, we'll visit the things the internet has already done to this video. This post is already too long and the internet is too hilarious.

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