Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Post Office Problem

Patch hunkies need their post offices. Traveling to another patch for one is unacceptable.

Sarcasm aside, when I lived with my parents, having the Lemont Furnace post office so close (despite back roads) was so nice as opposed to having to go all the way into Uniontown, which was usually more crowded.

In order to keep some of the offices open, others are making some changes. You now need an appointment to get a passport in Uniontown, and many will be changing their window hours. A lot of the smaller offices already keep strange or few hours, so we'll see what happens. All changes being made will take place in phases over two years and are expected to save $500 million a year. They're also offering early retirement to employees.

Seems like at least most of the little offices are staying open, including the one in Dickerson Run with that awesome Jolly Green Giant in the window.

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