Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best of the blog 2015

Ah, New Year's. It's hard to believe another year is just over four hours away. Why am I blogging on New Year's? Because most of the people I party with moved away and I'd quite like a nice evening in for once. But rest assured--I have some of Christian Clay's Summit Mist wine in me. I intended to try to drink a whole bottle with my boyfriend, but one glass in and I realized I don't think I can physically fit that much wine in my body.

So 2015. As always, things were interesting from the Nam, from some cool stuff to some astoundingly dumb stuff. Honestly, I'd love to do a recap of the year's most popular posts, but unfortunately, Blogger either doesn't have that feature or I haven't figured out how to work it. So instead, I'm picking my personal favorites.

So here it is! The best--and by "best," I do occasionally mean "worst"--of the Nam in 2015, mostly in chronological order.

And if you're interested in my writing away from this blog, 2015 saw a lot more of that--I had my first essay published on The Billfold, followed by two more on Neutrons Protons. I also regularly wrote about "Harry Potter" for Examiner, debuted two articles for CBS (1, 2), and had a photo appear on Pittsburgh blog Ya Jagoff. It's been a good year!

Here's to 2016! Mark smart decisions!

Did you have a favorite moment/post that I missed?

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